Press Release – Online Meeting Press Release, 23 FEB 2021

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Directorate of Secondary Education of the Dodecanese.

Erasmus plus KA 201 “CompuT” “Computational Thinking at School” Project code: 2019-1-EL01-KA201-062883

Applicant Organisation

Directorate of Secondary Education of the Dodecanese, Public educational authority, Rhodes, Greece


University of the Aegean, LTEE (Learning Technology and Educational Engineering Laboratory), Rhodes, Greece
Secondary School of Gennadi, Rhodes, Greece
2nd Upper Secondary School of Rhodes, “Kazouleio” Greece
Secondary School of Zipari, Kos, Greece
CEP La Laguna, training centre, Tenerife, Spain
IES EL SOBRADILLO, Secondary School, Tenerife, Spain
Fyllingsdalen videregående skole, Secondary School, Bergen, Norway
Agrupamento de Escolas de São João da Talha, Secondary School, Lisbon, Portugal

The first project meeting took place in Rhodes from 27/01 to 31/01/2020 under the coordination of the Directorate of Secondary Education of the Dodecanese. More particularly, the meeting was attended by the representatives of 8 education organizations and school units of the participant countries that is Spain, Portugal, Norway and Greece.

The second Erasmus meeting was held digitally via Zoom online teleconferencing platform on February 23rd. The situation at schools due to Covid 19 was presented by each partner. The nature of Computational Thinking objectives as well as its applicability and effectiveness when coupled with digital tools was a pivotal discussion throughout the whole meeting. A series of teaching scenarios paired with technology based tools were presented to show the importance of Computational Thinking in the Classroom both theoretically and practically speaking. Additionally, a variety of activities and booklets created and shared by the partners gave an insight to the funny, entertaining and mind gripping side of the learning experience for teachers and students alike. Mentioning that the meeting goals were achieved and the partners expectations were met during this web meeting is an understatement given the pandemic circumstances.
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