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During the period [2010-2014] of my professional life, I had to leave out my normal scientific work and orientation, when I was elected as Vice-Rector of Research and Strategic Management of University of the Aegean.

During those years, I was completely devoted to the international, national and regional work in order to support the status, the scope, the nature and the pluridimensional work of Hellenic Public Universities, as well as the rights of the members of Universities’ Communities in a period of a profound economical, social and political crisis in Greece but also in Europe.

Then, I was appointed as President of the Youth and LifeLong Learning Foundation (2015-2016), a significant foundation of Greece acting to promote lifelong learning for all citizens, laying emphasis on the socially vulnerable social groups, as well as to ensure youth empowerment.

In the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017, I fully returned to the equally precious scientific and educational work.