Angelique Dimitracopoulou is Professor of the School of Humanities, University of the Aegean, in Greece. She is Director of the Learning Technology and Educational Engineering Laboratory [ltee.aegean.gr]. She holds a degree in Physics Sciences (Univ. of Patras, Greece, 1986), Master and PhD in Information and Communication Technologies in Education (Univ. of Paris 7-Denis Diderot, France, 1995).

Her research interests and scientific publications are mainly related to the following thematic areas:

  1. Design of technology-based learning environments (Modelling systems, Collaborative systems, Mobile Technology and Augmented Reality applications, Distance Learning Platforms/Learning Management Systems etc.). Some of them concerns the field of sciences education. In all the cases, the main purpose is to enrich the learning contexts, supporting active and interactive learning experiences and offering new cognitive tools, as well as through significant collaborative and social practices.
  2. Design of “Learning Analytics” applications and especially on the direction of ‘Interaction Analysis’ supporting awareness and self-regulation (see more into the specific section).
  3. Web and Social media: learning issues and critical literacy
  4. Design of Learning Activities (that couldn’t be possible without ICTs) and the corresponding Students’ Worksheets, when they are necessary. Study of Teachers’ roles and strategies.
  5. Learning effects of technological environments. Evaluation of technology based learning environments.
  6. Implementation of ICTs in genuine educational contexts, in a large variety of education levels (from pre-primary to vocational education).
  7. Educational Policy concerning ICTs in Education.
  8. “Life Long Learning” via the creation of technology-based Learning Communities
  9. Higher Education: ICTs in Education, Quality Assurance, SummerSchools design and quality assurance.

Regarding her international academic activity, she is active member in: (a) Scientific Associations [e.g. IFIP Representative of Greece/TC3 group; Ιnternational Society of Learning Sciences–CSCL (executive committee), (b) Scientific Networks (Core-Group member of Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence and TELEARC (Technology Enhanced Learning – European Advanced Research Consortium). She was also founding member of various national and international scientific societies. She is member of editorial board in scientific journals and reviewer in book series. She was the Conference Chair of international congresses and the scientific organiser of significant thematic workshops and symposia. She was invited as Keynote Speaker in fifteen international conferences, workshops & summerschools.

Regarding her social activity in administrative posts: (I) She was elected “Vice-Rector of Research and Strategic Management” of the University of the Aegean and she acted during a period of four years [2010 – 2014], undertaken the additional responsibilities of the Presidency of University Research Unit, the International Relations, the Aegean University Quality Assurance & Evaluation Program, the establishment of the Aegean University International Summer School Programs etc. (II) During the same period, in the frame of National Body of Rectors, she was elected as coordinator of Research Committees, as well as representative to the National Strategic Reference Framework /Operational Program 2015-2020 on Education and Life Long Learning. (III) She was President of the Youth and LifeLong Learning Foundation (2015-2016), a significant foundation of Greece acting with a dual vision: (a) to promote lifelong learning for all citizens, both in terms of vocational training and general adult education, laying emphasis on the participation of socially vulnerable social groups, and (b) to ensure youth empowerment.

See more detailed information into the CV.

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