The scientific publications are related to the following thematic areas:

  1. Design of technology-based learning environments (Modelling systems, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Collaborative systems, Mobile Technology and Augmented Reality applications, Distance Learning Platforms/Learning Management Systems etc.). Some of them concerns the field of sciences education. In all the cases, the main purpose is to enrich the learning contexts, supporting active and interactive learning experiences and offering new cognitive tools, as well as through significant collaborative and social practices.
  2. Design of “Learning Analytics” applications and especially on the direction of ‘Interaction Analysis’ supporting awareness and self-regulation (see also all the related publications into the specific section).
  3. Web and Social media: learning issues and critical literacy
  4. Design of Learning Activities and corresponding Students’ Worksheets. Study of Teachers’ roles and strategies.
  5. Learning effects of technological environments. Evaluation of technology based learning environments.
  6. Implementation of ICTs in genuine educational contexts, in a large variety of education levels (from pre-primary to vocational education).
  7. Educational Policy concerning ICTs in Education.
  8. Technology-based Learning Communities and highly interactive Distance Education Programs


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For a quick view of selected last years’ publications, see below:


Papers in Journal

Kritikos, G., & Dimitracopoulou A. (2017). Secondary Students’ Analogical Reflections on Unfamiliar Scientific Concepts, International Journal of Technologies in Learning 24(2):25-36 · January 2017, DOI: 10.18848/2327-0144/CGP/v24i02/25-36

Fessakis, G., Dimitracopoulou, A., Palaiodimos, A., (2013)Graphical Interaction Analysis Impact on Groups Collaborating through BlogsJournal of Educational Technology & Society, 16(1), pp.:243-253

Dimitracopoulou A. (2009)Computer based Interaction Analysis Supporting Self-regulation: Achievements and Prospects of an Emerging Research Direction, In Kinshuk, M.Spector, D.Sampson, P. Isaias (Guest editors). Special Issue: Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Era, Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning (TICL), Volume 6, Number 4, pp.291-314 (EN)


Papers in International Conferences

Fragkiadoulaki K., Dimitracopoulou A., Papadopoulou M. (2019).Visual argumentation against racism in videos designed by university students: The role of images. In. E. Kourdis, M. Papadopoulou, L. Kostopoulou (Eds). The Fugue of the Five Senses and the Semiotics of the Shifting Sensorium, Selected Proceedings of XI International Conference on Semiotics, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016, Edited by Hellenic Semiotics Society, isbn 978-618-82184-1-3, pp.208-220

May, M., Fessakis, G., Dimitracopoulou, A., George, S. (2012). “A Study on User’s Perception in E-learning Security and Privacy Issues”, In the Proceedings of 12th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, pp.:88-89, July 4-6, 2012, Rome, Italy, doi:10.1109/ICALT.2012.145

Kritikos G. & Dimitracopoulou A. (2011). ART (Analogical Reflection Tool): using analogies to promote reflection in science education, Reinhardt W., Ullmann T., Scott P., Pammer V., Conlan O. & Berlange A. (eds.), Proceedings of the 1st European Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Learning Networks, In the 6th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning: Towards Ubiquitous Learning, Palermo, Italy, 21 September,, pp.130-137, ISSN 1613-0073.


Papers in National Conferences

Papamargariti, A. & Dimitracopoulou, A. (2019). Technology enhanced collaborative activities supporting inquiry learning: an interdisciplinary STEM approach for study wind energy issues. in N. Tzimopoulos (Ed), Proceedings of the 10th Pan-Hellenic Teachers’ Conference for ICT – Utilizing Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching, that took place in Rhodes, 12, 13, 14 April 2019, e-diktyo

Sismanidou, E. & Dimitracopoulou, A. (2019). Technology enhanced learning activities in informal learning environment for the discovery of optics’ concepts. In N. Tzimopoulos (Ed), Proceedings of the 10th Pan-Hellenic Teachers’ Conference for ICT – Utilizing Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching, Rhodes, 12-14 April 2019, e-diktyo

Dimitracopoulou A. (2018). Trends and Dimensions of ‘Environments of Educational Material’ in Technology Enhanced Learning Activities: Definitions and Specifications. In C. Skoumpourdi, M. Skoumios (Conf Chairs and Proceedings Editors) 3rd Conference on Educational Material of Mathematics and Sciences, 9-11 November 2018, School of Humanities, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece, pp.117-145, ISBN: 978-960-86791-9-1, [Keynote paper, GR]


Chapters in Books

Dimitracopoulou A. (2017). Digital traces and Data Analysis of educational environments: Approaches, Perspectives and Ethical Issues related to the ‘Learning Analytics’ field. In (Eds) A. Kodakos & F. Kalavassis. 9th Volume of Educational Design Issues. Editions Diadrasi, Athens, Greece [ text in GR ]

Dirckinck-Holmfeld L., Balacheff N., Bottino R.M., Burgos D., Dimitracopoulou A., Ludvigsen S., Mille A. (2016). Grand Challenge Problem 10: TELEARC an Agile and productive networking of TEL Small and Medium Sized Research Labs. In Eberle et al. (eds.), Grand Challenges in Technology Enhanced Learning 2, SpringerBriefs in Education, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-12562-6_11

Bratitsis, T., Dimitracopoulou, A. (2010). Interpretation of Computer Based Interaction Analysis Indicators: a significant issue for enhancing collaboration in Technology Based Learning. In Kock, N. (ed.), Interdisciplinary Perspectives on E-Collaboration: Emerging Trends and Applications, (pp 31-59), Advances in E-Collaboration Book series, IGI-Global, USA

Harrer A., G., Martínez-Monés, Dimitracopoulou A. (2009). User’s Data: Collaborative and Social Analysis. In N. Balacheff, S. Ludvigsen, T. de Jong, A. Lazonder, S. Barnes (eds). Technology-Enhanced Learning, pp.175-193. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4020-9827-7_11, Springer Science+Business Media B.V. Dordrecht, 2009

Dimitracopoulou Α. (2009). Analyse Automatique des Interactions pour le soutien à l’auto-régulation des participants dans des activités médiées. In Eds. A. Mille et J.-C. Marty, Analyse de traces et personnalisation des environnements informatiques pour l’apprentissage humain, Editions Hermes Sciences Publications (FR)

Hlapanis G.-H., Dimitracopoulou A. (2008). What is a successful “course” in a School -Teacher’s Learning Community? Matters of course assessment. In (Ed) R. Subramaniam, Handbook of Research on New Media Literacy at the K-12 Level: Issues and Challenges, IGI Global, USA (EN)