Master of Education:


Prof. F. Kalavassis, conceived the program of this Research Master and since its inaugural year (2014), it is running every year, under his direction. All LTEE faculty members contribute to this M.Ed. program.

The application procedure for new academic year students is usually open in spring period, while the students’ selection is usually done via CV and interview data.

The program duration is 1,5 years (1st  & 2nd  semester => courses’ program and 3rd  semester => Master Thesis), and it corresponds to 90 ECTS. The Greek Language is mostly used in the frame of the Master program.

The focus on the interdisciplinary approach, allow us to explore and study the links, the interactions and the boards among Mathematics Education, Science Education, ICTs in Education, as well as the common areas with other fields and cognitive abilities, as they emerge in three dimensions:

  • Epistemology and Learning dimension
  • Teaching and School Unit (educational entity) dimension
  • Educational Innovation and Pedagogy dimension

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Master of Education:


The program scope is twofold:
(a) Investigate issues regarding administration of educational units
(b) Design of contemporary educational units (including schools and institutions of lifelong learning and vocational training)

It is a Master of Education Program that has win a great popularity in Hellenic teachers’ community wishing a leadership career in school education. M.Ed. Program Director: Prof. A. Kodakos.

Faculty members of LTEE laboratory contribute to this M.Ed. according to their scientific framework lens, productions and tools that allow the systemic examination of phenomenologies in a learning organization and their interactions with connected systems of the family, the city-community and the continuously evolving digital environment. They provide principles, considerations and tools that could lead to the development of reflective and adaptable regulations in: (i) concrete situations of teaching-learning activities, (ii) pedagogical and administrative governance issues of an educational entity.

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Furthermore, LTEE faculty members are also invited to contribute to other Master degree programs in the frame of:

  • the School of Humanities such as the Master of Education “Children Books and Educational Material” in which they support all the corresponding “Educational Material orientation”,
  • other Schools of University of the Aegean, such as the Master of Science in Didactics of Information and Communication Systems (School of Sciences/Samos island)
  • other Universities