The Laboratory of Learning Technology and Educational Engineering (LTEE), is a Research and Development laboratory at the School of HumanitiesDepartment of Sciences of Pre-school Education and of Educational DesignUniversity of the Aegean, located in the island of Rhodes in Greece. The LTEE lab was founded in 2000 (FEK 180/09.08.2000).

The Laboratory focuses on Learning Technology (valorisation of the cognition and the emerged intelligence mechanisms, design, development and implementation of technology-enhanced learning environments) and on Educational Engineering ( systemic approach of the variety and complexity of interactions among the learning-teaching situations and the organization models of educational units).

LTEE laboratory members produce academic research (through basic and funded research projects) in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, as well as the wider field of Educational Engineering. The corresponding research concern a variety of: (i) age-groups and roles of human agents, (ii) learning situations and (iii) educational entities.

LTEE lab members offer courses in pre-graduatepost-graduate and PhD programs of studies. They also educate teachers and educational leaders in pre-service level and in continuous professional development level.

LTEE lab research produce scientific and educational contributions mainly to the following research dimensions:

LTEE lab also organize scientific events such as conferences, workshops, symposia etc.

For more information, please explore the LTEE lab site and visit the corresponding areas of interest.


  • The image featured in the upper part of the Home Page (into the ‘carousel’), is a piece of Art that constitutes a background of the animation series: “the Powerpuff Girls” (Mr Mojo’s Rising), of GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY [ ]
  • The image of the Home Page connecting to the LTEE lab Research Area “Interdisciplinarity, Complexity and Systemic Approach in Education” is a drawing-print entitled “Birds” (44 x 32 cm) from the collection “After the Mouse”, 2008, of the Artist FLORENTIA IKONOMIDOU, Professor of the University of the Aegean []