Upcoming Events

05 October 2019 Seminar in the framework of “Codeweek” 5 October 10:00 – 14:00, in co-ordination with the Kindergarten Educational Coordinator Mrs. Aphrodite Pappa.

Information and preparation of Kindergarten teachers for the participation in the European Code Week. A workshop seminar on the programming educational environments suitable for aged 4-6 years, the benefits of programming, and the possibilities for integrating it into Kindergarten and children’s entertainment.

The seminar on the Codeweek site: https://codeweek.eu/view/215142/ebdomada-kwdika-sto-nhpiagwgeio

21-26 April 2020 YERME Summer School (YESS-10) ERME Board, YERME, LTEE
20 June 2019 Invited live Webinar: George Fessakis, 7th “Smart Education” On 20/6/19 at 11.00 am time in Greece (16:00 pm time in Beijing) Georgios Fesakis, Associate Professor and Vice-President of the Department of Pre-School Education Sciences and Educational Design, has been invited to hold a seminar-speech in the framework of the 7th “Smart Education” Webinar, organized by the International Community for Open Education, Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University.

The subject of his speech is “Discussion on the meaning and the importance of the integration of Computational Thinking in education“.

The participation link for the virtual classroom is https://meet621602551.adobeconnect.com/webinar201907/ (with guest login mode).

After the seminar is completed, the speech will be uploaded on the page: http://sli.bnu.edu.cn/en/Courses/Webinars/

12-14 April 2019 10th Conference ICTs in Education, Association e-diktyo Campus of School of Humanities, Aegean University
25.02-08.03 2019 Bebras® Challenge in Greece (Computational Thinking Challenge)
9-11 Nov 2018 3rd Conference on Educational Material of Mathematics and Science School of Humanities, Rhodes, Greece
30 March 2018 Open Talk: MathCityMap: doing Math outdoor with mobiles, Prof. Matthias Ludwig 19.00, Kleovoulos Building, Amphitheater of Basement, School of Humanities, University of the Aegean, Rhodes


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