LTEE laboratory members design and apply educational programs, courses and activities in various levels.

LTEE faculty members offer pre-graduate courses in the frame of the Sciences of Pre-school Education and Educational Engineering Department.

Regarding Master’ Degree studies, LTEE lab members have designed a Master of Education Program [Didactics of Mathematics, Science and ICTs in Education: Interdisciplinary Approach], while they significantly support, via their research approach, other Master of Education and Master of Sciences Programs in University of the Aegean, as well as in other Universities.

Regarding Doctoral level studies, LTEE lab has design and redesign a PhD program of studies that include a variety of young researchers’ development activities. It also supports Post-Doctoral research offering a rich and inspiring research environment.

Furthermore, LTEE lab members educate teachers and educational leaders in continuous professional development level. Especially, for continuous teacher education, LTEE lab support corresponding programs that are designed in a national level, while they also design new appropriate programs for specific domains and emerging teachers’ education needs.

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